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Cryptoeconomics Research

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title: Crypto-Economics Research
author: helloworld9998
date: 01/03/2020
amount: 320 XMR
  - name: Initiate research
    funds: 320 XMR
    status: unfinished
  - date:
  - date:

Greetings Monero Community,

This proposal has been brought forth out my own personal interest in the cryptoeconomic systems put forth by Bitcoin, Monero, Grin etc. I intend to closely analyze the block reward mechanisms put into place by the founders of different cryptocurrency systems in order to determine how they compare to each other. There are many fundamentally different designs put forth by cryptocurrencies and each can effectively determine the future of the security of the network. I feel that these questions have not been fully addressed or explored. I hope to find valuable information for the Monero community with regards to its own economic system and also different systems such as merge-mined coins or proof-of-stake currencies. This research could prove to be extremely valuable in confirming the validity of the current model established by Monero founders or to possibly realize a potential shortcoming which may need to be addressed. This research is also valuable for future currencies such as Tari in deciding their respective economic system.

I am lifelong Mathematician who, in the spirit of Monero, would prefer to remain anonymous, unbiased, and independent in my study.

My rate for this research is 1 XMR/hr with the goal of completing the research in 8 weeks time. At a full-time working rate, this amounts to a total 320 XMR. At current XMR/USD rates, this proposal amounts to approximately 16000 USD or 8000 USD per month which is akin to other research proposals granted previously.

Please contact me personally at [email protected] for any questions or conccerns regarding this research proposal.



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