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Locha Mesh, private transactions and sync over a resilient long-range radio mesh network

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Advance the development of the Locha Mesh open-source software and hardware ( to enable private transactions broadcasting and sync without Internet over a resilient decentralized censorship-resistant mesh network using encrypted long-range radio communications.

Who & Why

I’m Randy Brito, the founder of and co-founder CEO of Locha Mesh (@Locha_io).

At Locha Mesh we are creating the open-source software and hardware for real mesh network devices that will enable secure and private communications and transactions without Internet. The Locha Mesh will also enable access to censorship-resistant websites and information, without people having to post their Internet IP address or SIM card which is linked to their identity, so communications could be completely private.

The firmware that runs on the hardware, the hardware specification itself for creating your DIY Locha Mesh device, the mobile app and other software can be found in our GitHub organization, hosted by the non-profit Bitcoin Venezuela (

What we've been doing at Bitcoin Venezuela for Monero over the years:

  • I've recommended the use of Monero in Venezuela for years due to its privacy features.
  • Bitcoin Venezuela's prices API have been showing the real market XMRVEF rate for years (used by CakeWallet). Latest version 2.0 has also been showing XMRVES and keeping historical of both (
  • I own and since 2016 to keep these domain names away from scammers trying to steal from Venezuelans.

How does the Locha Mesh help Monero?

We are creating the software and hardware (our own boards and also the specification for a DYI version of it) for anyone to be able to connect to the Locha Mesh to transmit data securely and privately. So the Locha Mesh will enable what we intend to be an alternative communication channel for syncing nodes without having to go through the over-controlled censorable traditional Internet infrastructure.

I the past two years people have tried to transmit Bitcoin transactions over long-range radio, but they've been using hardware that is very limited, closed-source, and also on licensed bands. We at Locha Mesh are creating a real high-bandwidth mesh network, using license-free bands, that is capable of handling not only block headers and transactions (which are very small in size) but also block sync and more other useful features, like the IPv6 support so services can run inside the Locha Mesh.

The Proposal and Milestones

Monthly pay: 200 xmr (~$10,000.00 USD)

This monthly pay covers the cost of the full-time developers working on the Locha Mesh, and will also let us hire more developers to advance the open-source efforts.

Total: 1200 XMR

Milestones: Changelogs, updated documentation, and regular updates will be shared by myself and the development team with features that have been finished, worked on each month.

Payments: 6 payments of 200 XMR, one for each month (paid in XMR)


Randy Brito: [email protected] | [email protected]

GPG: 637E 773C F6DD EE8F 009F 8461 6930 CFE7 0FA4 130C

If you prefer ProtonMail: [email protected]

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