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v1docq47: video creation / translations into russian (february - july 2020)

Hello, my dear followers, colleagues, and friends!
v1docq47 is here!
And this is my new funding request for my work.


I am v1docq47, member of XMR.RU team.
Since September 2017 I translate into Russian everything related to Monero. I’m doing Russian dubbing and creating various videos about Monero for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel.
I active contributor in Monero Localization and Monero Outreach working groups.

This is the shortlist of my Monero localization works:

This is the shortlist of my works for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel:


Localization of the Monero project into Russian.
Creation of information / news and tutorials video for YouTube channel.

The Proposal and Milestones

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your support and congratulate everyone on the New Year! I sincerely hope that the 2020 year will be as interesting and eventful as the previous, 2019 year.

So, my yet other 6 months of work have passed. I am not exaggerating if I say that a tremendous job has been done during this time. You can familiarize yourself with my progress reports in previous sentences.

I want to outline only the main directions in the course of my work for the next six months, without going into unnecessary details and explanations (but, I will be glad to give comments on any points of interest to you):

  • Accomplish the voiceover remaining performances of MoneroKon 2019
  • Finish the export of already completed translations of MRL research documents to TeX (followed by export to pdf)
  • Launch the Russian-language Wiki section with all reference and technical documentation and information (already in progress)
  • Start a translation of the CLI version of the wallet
  • Prepare the cycle of videos on working with the Trezor hardware wallet
  • Update all my Monero mining guides (NVIDIA / AMD / CPU)
  • And the last, but not least, point in my to-do list for the new year is to continue working on the news block and other videos on the YouTube channel as well as doing translations of everything related to Monero into the Russian language

How much and Payouts

Any kind of work must be paid, especially work which is pleasured for you and your viewer/reader.
Payment on first days of every month during 6 months for my upcoming work.
7$ hour/ ~30 hours a week or ~120 hours a month. Usually I spend much more spare time for my work.
Average Monero course for a month is ~50$

In total:

100 XMR for 6 month work's
16.6 XMR per month starting from February

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