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Persian translation of the GUI wallet


I want to translate the GUI wallet to Persian.




Persian speakers are more than 110 millions over the world so it is a good opportunity to translate the Monero related wallets and websites to Persian for a huge population of people whom are speaking Persian.

Milestones and timeline

It has just 1 milestone. they are more than 3439 words(because basically some already translated words need to get edited and translated again or get reviewed to get matched with the whole translation.

$0.1 $0.05816/word

at the rate 1 XMR = $50

requested fund: 8.5975 XMR 4 XMR

If approved and funded, I can translate them within 1 day


  1. after the required funds have been gathered, I need 3 days to complete the translations, Otherwise you can delete this proposal
  2. if the required funds have not been gathered by January 1, 2021, this crowdfunding will be expired.
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