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Create Monero educational content in Spanish


I'm Lovera, creator of I'm Venezuelan and a fan of Monero Since 2019 I am actively sharing educational information about Monero on my social networks. I’m creating educational videos about Monero, writing guides and tutorials in Spanish. I also translate into Spanish everything related to Monero.

You can check my Guides and articles here: Monero Blog

And my Videos about Monero Monero Videos

¿What is the proposal about?

Create quality educational content for the Spanish-speaking community. The objective is to transmit the benefits, characteristics and importance of Monero for financial privacy, through guides, articles, videos and in general written and audio visual material.

All this to be shared through social networks.

Milestones and projected schedule

First stage (for 1 month) Write 7 educational articles about Monero that will include:

  • How to run a Monero node
  • How to run a Monero node on a Raspberry Pi
  • How to mine Monero
  • Wallets and types of wallets (Analysis of the most popular)
  • How to get monero
  • Comparison between Monero and Bitcoin
  • 5 Reasons to use Monero and not another privacy currency

Second stage (for 2 months) Make 5 educational videos and news translation:

  • How to run a Monero node
  • How to run a Monero node on a Raspberry Pi
  • How to mine Monero (with different mining programs)
  • How to get monero
  • Comparison between Monero and Bitcoin

I will translate the most relevant news about Monero into Spanish in audio visual format so every week make an informative video with the most relevant news about Monero. Even after the end of the funding (after 2 months) I will continue to make a weekly video about the Monero news.

Why it is important for Monero and the community?

Monero is an incredible project, but there are many false beliefs and ignorance about it in the Spanish-speaking community. By providing more quality content in Spanish, we will be able to raise awareness in the Spanish community about the importance of financial privacy, about the importance and role that Monero plays in our financial activity.

How much and Payouts?

Until now I have been writing articles and making videos completely free of charge since I like this project a lot, however due to the lack of time (and money) I have considered that any kind of work must be paid or rewarded. Payment on first days of every month during 3 months for my upcoming work 0.05 XMR / hour / 1.25 XMR a week or 5 XMR a month for 100 hours of work Usually I spend much more time for my work (about 10 hours a day).

In total: 5 XMR per Month 15 XMR for three months starting from October

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