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Norwegian translation of User guides & Moneropedia

Chris Avis requested to merge Avis/ccs-proposals:Moneropedia_Userguides into master

This is a proposal to translate Moneropedia (10157 words) & the User guides (24074 words), amounting to 34231 words.

As with my last two translations I have done for Monero, I am content to give another high quality translation. Apart from wanting to do an excellent job for the community, it is also in my own interest to make sure Monero has a top notch Norwegian translation.

Given the same XMR/word ratio as before (0.00085985XMR/word), I am asking for 8.7 XMR for the translation of Moneropedia and 20.7 XMR for the translation of the User guides.

To compensate for values that should not have been counted in my text editor, I propose that I also translate the roadmap plus the added words to the getmonero site, which amounts to roughly 1500 words (and might be more when/if this proposal gets accepted.)

The translation will consist of two milestones: 1) Translation of Moneropedia + Roadmap + what is left of getmonero, and 2) User guides.

I will translate everything myself, and I will start to work full-time on it as soon as it is funded.

Monero's truly, Chris

Edit: Due to bad formatting, I changed "+" to "plus"

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