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Mastering Monero Serbian Translation

This is a proposal to translate Mastering Monero to Serbian.

As with my last translation I have done for Monero, I am content to give another high quality translation. I hope that the translation of this book will have more people come to the Monero community. With approximately ~21 million speakers this translation will help these people understand Monero better and the technology behind it.

This proposal includes two milestones:

  1. The translation of the first half (18000 words)
  2. The translation of the second half (19151 words)

These milestones will include additional proofreading after each half. I am asking for a rate 0.0006135XMR/word, 10.5 XMR for the translation of the first half (18000 words) and 11.3 XMR for the translation of second half (19151 words).

When this gets funded I will work on this full time and the dates may change according to the date it gets funded.

Thank you for reading!

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