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v1docq47 - video creation and translations into russian (february - july 2021)


Hello, my dear followers, colleagues, and friends.
v1docq47 is here.
And this is my new funding request for my work.

Who I Am?

I am v1docq47, active contributor of XMR.RU team.
Since September 2017 I translate into Russian everything related to Monero.
My wife and I doing Russian dubbing and creating various videos about Monero for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel.
I active contributor in Monero Localization and Monero Outreach workgroups.

This is the shortlist of my Monero localization works:

This is the shortlist of my works for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel:

My other projects:


Localization of the Monero project into Russian.
Creation of information / news and tutorials video for YouTube channel.

A Short list of planned works for the new period:

  • Monero News (Weekly) (22 episodes)
  • Monero News (Quarterly) (2 episodes)
  • Short Q&A about Monero (4 episodes)
  • Working on translations for Montero Outreach articles
  • Zero to Monero: Second Edition (completely)
  • Support translations for Weblate (Russian)

A full list of planned works is available at the link (Trello board):

How much and Payouts:

Any kind of work must be paid, especially work which is pleasured for you and your viewer/reader.
Payment on first days of every month during 6 months for my upcoming work.
12$ per hour (~30 hours a week or ~120 hours a month). Usually I spend much more spare time for my work.
Average Monero course for a month is ~160$ (7-day average price on Kraken)

In total:

54 XMR for 6 month work's
9 XMR per month starting from February

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