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Creating educational video series for awareness around Monero in Hindi

Introduction about Finstreet: Finstreet is India’s First Crypto Education Institute. This platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the different asset classes associated with them.

Channels for distribution:

MX Takatak 1,19,200 followers YouTube 21,300 subscribers Bolo Indya 70,100 followers Quora Spaces 18,300 followers Trell 37,000 followers DailyHunt Josh 9,100 followers More than 300K people in the crypto and blockchain interested community.

Key Facts:

  • 300k+ followers
  • 10 million-plus monthly views on all platforms
  • 3.2 million impressions per month on YouTube
  • Verified profiles on 6 platforms
  • 100% organic traffic
  • 80% month on month growth
  • Educational content in Hindi and English
  • Targeting niche Indian audience

Video formats:

  • Daily Crypto news
  • Review videos
  • Interviews with leading industry experts
  • Explainers
  • Tutorial videos

Monero Educational Video Series

Finstreet is India’s leading crypto education platform. We will create introduction videos along with covering major updates about Monero that will help spread the word about the project to people interested in the Monero and the importance of privacy based coins.

The campaign will :

  • Educate people about Monero and its use cases.
  • Create better and relevant reach in India and other Hindi speaking nations.
  • Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.
  • Detailed introduction of the project
  • Help in creating strong brand recall value among the blockchain and crypto community.
  • Regular updates about Monero to the Indian community.

Key deliverables:

  • One weekly news or update about Monero.
  • 6 explainer videos about Monero.
  • 3 specific interview videos featuring the core team members of the Monero community so that the world can share the vision of this project.

This proposal was made by: Sahil Thakur Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Finstreet E-mail: [email protected] Telegram

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