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Draft: Serbian translation of Monero GUI Wallet, Monero Means Money


Hello, everyone! This is xmronadaily. I'm a long-time Monero community member and a humble contributor. You can find me on reddit: and github

I'm not a developer, but I helped where I could. I have a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Naturally, a number of my contributions were language-related. Some of the things I've done for Monero in the past include:

With that said, I hope you will find me sufficiently qualified for the task at hand and lend me your support in realizing the proposal explained below. :)

What the proposal is about:

The aim of this proposal is to make Monero accessible to about 16+ million speakers of Serbian, about 12 million native speakers and 4-5 million of those who use it as a second language are counted in this number. Serbian language is spoken officially and co-officially in at least 4 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia), with the addition of being recognized as a minority language in the rest of the Balkan countries. Source:

Balkans and Eastern Europe aside, Serbian diaspora covers pretty much all corners of the world and numbers anywhere from 4.2 to 5.8 million speakers according to a 2007 estimate.

A properly done localization of the Monero GUI Wallet and its most important resources to Serbian would eliminate any language barriers when it comes to adoption and use of Monero for this particular demographic. This would be achieved by providing the highest quality translations in the following two milestones further explained below. Once this project is complete, I'd hope to make a new proposal for translating the User Guides as soon as they're ready to be worked on 'cause they are a hugely important resource when it comes new user onboarding.

  1. Finalizing the translation and review of GUI-Wallet in Serbian (for free)

The Serbian translation of the GUI is outdated. A lot of the strings are empty, so there's about ~900 words left to be translated, and a number of strings are marked as "needing action".

For this milestone, I will review the entirety of the Serbian GUI translation, translate the empty strings, as well as take care of strings "needing action" or any active suggestions in the translation. Upon completion, the GUI translation would be 100% done in all aspects, and in that sense, the software itself would be 100% more usable for Serbian-speaking population.

  1. Monero Means Money (subtitles in Serbian)

Knowledge is power. This would not only be a great resource used to familiarize a big portion of the Balkan demographic with the 101 inner-workings of Monero, but it's even better than that because it talks about the essential aspects of a financial system and it covers all the bases regarding fungibility, scarcity, vulnerability, privacy and frames it all within the context of evolving communities and regulations. All of these are essential pillars of knowledge for educating the user base and growing the community, not only in Serbia, but in all the ex-YU countries where Serbian is understood and recognized.

Proposal details, milestones and timelines:

In summary, this proposal comprises of two milestones:

  1. Finalizing the translation and review of GUI-Wallet in Serbian (for free)
  2. Monero Means Money (subtitles in Serbian) - 11,689 words

I'm asking for a price of 0.057 euro cents per word. This is in line and a bit below the average translation price I noticed among other CCS proposals.

The first milestone I'm doing for free, so 0 XMR needed for that. For the second milestone, this would equal to 666 euros, and with the price of Monero being $240 or 198 euros, 3.36 XMR should cover it.

Regarding timelines,

I will begin my work on milestone 1 immediately and it will take me roughly 10 days maximum to get it done and ironed out. For milestone 2, I will begin work as soon as it's funded and I estimate it would take a maximum of 30 days, but I would hope to finish it a lot sooner than that.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal! I'm looking forward to hearing any suggestions and comments!



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