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erciccione: website apr-jun + holiday

erciccione requested to merge erciccione/ccs-proposals:website-5 into master

I'm proposing to continue my part time work on (monero-site repository), 20 hours a week for 3 more months. This proposal includes 2 weeks of holiday.


I've been working non stop on Monero for the last 4 years, most of the time 7 days a week. The only time i had to take a forced break was when my laptop was stolen. Situation that forced me to interrupt all my activities for 10 days. Since i couldn't work i waited to open another CCS proposal, effectively losing ten days of salary.

I've been feeling quite burned out for some time and i really need to take a break, that's why i included two weeks of holiday in this proposal. I will use this time to rest, but also to take care of other Monero stuff that i'm working on.

The two weeks of holiday will be in effect as soon as this proposal is merged.


I will work on the website in the same terms as in my last proposal, so basically:

  • Triaging issues
  • Adding new functionalities according to the feedback of the community
  • Increasing user friendliness
  • Updating obsolete sections
  • Improving localization process
  • Bug fixes
  • Reviews

I triage or review the vast majority of the issues and merge requests on the monero-site repository. You can also see the list of my past direct contributions to have an idea of the work i do. I usually post updates about the website on reddit as well (see the last one).


I'm proposing to work as developer on the monero-site repository for three months at a rate of €30/hour, starting on April 11th 2020, 20 hours a week. This results in a total of 37 XMR at the rate 1 XMR == €196 (10% buffer from current price).

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