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Draft: Proposal for a federated bazaar

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WHAT: Let's build a federated bazaar for Monero

I'd like to work on a federated marketplace this summer and have it be ready for public use by the end. Federation is what allows servers to talk between each other, Mastodon with ActivityPub is a great example.

Major features:

  • Web Client

Any E-commerce app is in-complete without a beautifully crafted client application. A web client written in ReactJS would be fast, and responsive, and would work on a wide variety of devices.

  • Server

The server is written in Guile scheme which is easy to audit for bugs and is reasonably fast. An easy to understand, clear and concise REST API will lay the foundation for a future with diverse 3rd party clients.

  • Monero Support


  • ActivityPub support

ActivityPub is one of the most popular federation protocols and it is a W3C standard. It's used by Mastodon, and implementing it makes a service part of the fediverse.


Hi, my name is Amar Singh. I maintain the Shroud password manager for Emacs. I've been contributing to Guix and Guile communities for a few years. You can contact me on Mastodon. This is me

I also use Matrix chat and is my username.


Free trade will curb the need for violence. Еcommerce is a good place to start. I want to build a platform which is very user friendly and uses Monero as the prefered means of exchange.


  • A public instance that anybody willing to accept the terms of the instance can sign up for. Highly likely to depend on the regional laws of where the server is hosted.

  • If unsatisfied with the service, a freely licensed server, and client applications to host your own instance with your own terms.



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