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Continued Feather Wallet development (3 months)


This CCS proposal is for 3 months of full time Feather Wallet development.

The goal for this proposal is to get Feather out of Beta and release the 1.0 version.


See the previous CCS proposal.

What I want to work on

To ensure the first major release is as stable, robust, and reliable as possible I will be mainly focussing my efforts on polishing the existing feature set (and extending it where needed).

  • Fix bugs and issues as they arrise
  • Further improve the UI/UX (layout, actionable error messages, etc)
  • Improve documentation and user guides
  • Add more compile flags for minimal/alternative builds: (no-Tor, no-Websocket, etc)
  • Refactor parts of the codebase
  • Allow compiling on more architectures
  • Extensive QA testing on all supported platforms
  • Commission a redesigned logo
  • Upstream changes to libwalletqt / wallet_api
  • Improve the setup procedure (Windows installer, Debian package on PPA, mac DMG)
  • More advanced coin control: manual input selection and individual output labeling
  • Extend hardware wallet support to include Trezor devices
  • Allow opening multiple wallets at once

Once the is more clarity surrounding Triptych-compatible multisig (see 1, 2) I will continue working on integrating multisig into Feather.

As always I will rely heavily on user feedback to determine where to put my focus.


Hi, I'm tobtoht. Creator of xmrguide and maintainer of Feather Wallet. I have been an active contributor to the Monero ecosystem since April 2018.

Some of the things I have worked on are:

  • Created and maintained guides to set up Monero on Tails and Whonix (xmrguide, reddit)
  • Made miscellaneous contributors to the GUI (most notably Tails support)
  • Maintained a list of .onion remote nodes with their status
  • Co-created Feather Wallet with dsc


40 hours per week at 45 USD/hour for 3 months (mid May to mid August) for a total of 91.5 XMR. At a price of $236 XMR/USD.

Progress will be reported in #feather on OFTC. Monthly updates will be posted to /r/FeatherWallet in the form on release changelogs.

Feedback and comments are welcome.

To donators: In the week since I made this proposal there has been some very significant volatility, making it difficult to establish a "fair" XMR/USD price. As such I had to adjust the quoted price down several times because the difference had grown larger than my risk tolerance. I have currently settled on ${current_price} + 20%, in the expectation that the price will recover a bit after such a steep decline.

To ensure I can sustain myself in the coming months AND the community gets its money's worth, I will extend the time spent on this proposal in case there is significant price appreciation over the next three months, like I did with my previous CCS (1.5 months overtime).

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