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Spanish translation and proofreading of the monero site, GUI/CLI wallets and User Guides

What the proposal is about?

The purpose of this proposal is to translate what has not been translated, review what has been translated and make the necessary corrections where needed. In this way all the content uploaded to Weblate would be 100% translated into Spanish.

Who will complete the proposal?

My name is Miguel Medina, I've been around since November 2020 and worked on these translations.

Files to be translated

And these User Guides

The ones ending in " ** " mean that they have been translated (mostly) so they only require revision to verify quality, the monero site ("*") is not fully translated and has some mistranslated parts. So, in total, there are 34243 words, of which 12409 are not translated, 10620 fall into the category of (practically) revision only and 11214 belong to the monero site, so, given this small distinction in the type of work to be done, I propose the following:

$0.1/word for those where I have to translate from scratch.

$0.06/word for translating what is missing and correcting what was done wrong on the monero site.

$0.06/word for those translations that have already been done but have not been reviewed. It is mostly to review them, but also to translate what is missing.

(12409$0.1) + (11214$0.06) + (10620*$0.06) = $2551 at a rate of (+/-) $210/XMR gives a total of 12XMR divided in the following milestones

Milestone 1 - Translation and proofreading of the Monero site

11214 words for a total of 4 XMR

Milestone 2 - Translation and proofreading of the GUI and CLI wallets

12089 words for a total of 5 XMR

Milestone 3 - Translation and proofreading of the User Guides

10940 words for a total of 3 XMR

Every milestone will take about two weeks each, every update and completion will be posted in the comments

Edited by Miguel Medina

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