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Monero Guide fully portuguese translation

layout: fr title: Monero Guide fully portuguese translation author: ragazzo date: june 11, 2021 amount: 9 milestones:

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Why Brazilian Portuguese?

This language have 250 million speakers, is the sixth most spoken language in the world, with nearly 250 million people using it daily, being used in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guine Francesa, São Tomé and Africa and others.

Where we are?

A great team have initiated and continuing translating some docs, like wallets and other pieces of Monero Project, but, actually, we have huge part in User Guides to translate like we can see on this link. My proposal is finish - at least achieve 99% - of translate this part in 40 days.

Who am I

I’m blockchain enthusiast, who have little contribution to Monero, like you can see here:

and in my personal blog here:

Anyway, I will continue to help this great community after that, even without any contribution, but with the incentive below I want to make this process more fast.

I had acquired fluency in english after 15 years studying and recently spent a couple of months in California Bay, and Florida where I could improve and expand my professional network. In my team I have a Latin America Languages Teacher based in Milwaukee who wants review each page of this work. So I hope you guys trust me in this work. I am willing to change any point of this project.


User Guides

Millestone 1 - User Guide

17.518 words, $0,10 cents dollar each= 7 XMR

Millestone 2 - User Guide, finish

5061 words, $0,10 cents dollar each = 2 XMR.

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