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Monero Community Anthem


Hi Team Monero, We are an Edutainment venture working diligently for the crypto ecosystem Cryptic Entertainments is home to directors, editors, musicians, mix engineers, cinematographers, illustrators, producers, and other geeky, cool, misfits tied together by our one true love—Crypto.

Committed to the highest quality production of Art pieces like films, music videos, web series, and short movies. The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative arts that aim to entertain and educate worldwide audiences.

We are looking for a grant for the video for the Monero brand anthem. We have already released the audio for the Monero brand anthem

Idea behind Cryptic?

I believe art is the most powerful tool to bring revolution around the world. There are numerous examples in the world that proves it right. I believe taking crypto and blockchain to masses art is the way forward. At Cryptic I assembled a team who understands crypto, believes in crypto, and loves crypto. We make songs where we give our complete heart and try to bring masses to the biggest revolution going in human history fuelled by Technology. After co-founding Finstreet and taking it to a community of 4 million I am working on cryptic to take the edutainment route to educate people about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Our only focus is to make people aware of the crypto and blockchain through the art route.

Music, in particular, has a colorful history when it comes to bringing change to the world. It's a universal language that transcends borders. In 2009, a Somali-Canadian artist wrote a song for Somalia, about the struggles of his country and the hopes of its people. A year later, the song was rewritten and performed by 50+ artists to spread awareness and raise funds for Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. The same year, it also became Coca-Cola’s FIFA anthem. A single song had amassed such a massive history in a little over a year― K’naan’s Wavin’ Flag was not just a song - it was an experience that millions shared, it was a message of hope that brought nations together.

As an entrepreneur, the soul of a musician was always beneath me and I feel this should be used to spread awareness for the biggest revolution going on in humankind history.

I envision Music as a strong gateway for the masses to learn about this revolution which aspires to be borderless and permissionless.

I have spent the last four years removing doubts from people's minds about the crypto world. I believe by creating mass appealing music and art we can cater to the doubts or any sort of misunderstanding into the minds of the general public.

Past and current Monero work

We have already made a Monero anthem. Please refer to the links to listen to Monero Anthem.:

Lyrics of Monero Anthem:

_untrackable, untraceable a coin for all the kings fungible, obtainable, more than bitcoin brings anonymous, it's keepin us safe from many things monero, monero, is gonna fuckin swing

oh all this time I was focusing on so many coins i didn't know what to do, so much was going on got doge's and ada's and ripples, some dots monero, monero, is gonna come in hot

oh we have been so blind this undervalued coin is so safe should we buy? oh someone tell me why we had been so blind a privacy coin is so very safe, gotta buy let me tell you why

confidential transactions we gotta take some action gotta hold on to all positions there’s multi node diffusion
stealth’s the best it’s almost magic got monero? no. that’s tragic atomic swaps have come up on all of our precious gadgets

where are the whales? they can’t found the white paper, no value now no tainted coins, you’re thinking how just use binance they will allow on the darkweb, it’s used somehow where is the trace? cannot be found the privacy is so top notch this is the coin you can’t live without

oh we have been so blind this undervalued coin is so safe should we buy? oh someone tell me why we had been so blind a privacy coin is so very safe, gotta buy let me tell you why_


We are looking to create a video for the already released audio of the Monero Brand anthem. The video will be created in 4k quality. You can refer to the example of our work from the following Polygon:

We use the following cameras for video shooting:

  • Camera - Sony Fx3 with 24mm/35mm/ 85mm lens
  • Other equipment: - Gimbal - Zhiyun Crane 2
  • Simpex Studio lights
  • Editing system - Macbook Pro 16 inch
  • Vfx desktop - i9 processor / 32 gb 3200 mhz ram / Amd 8gb graphic card

For Audio we use the following:

  • Mics: Neumann U87
  • Preamps: Neve
  • Audio Interface: RME

Flow process for Community Anthem


  • Stage 1 - Lyrics
  • Stage 2 - Melody (Composition)
  • Stage 3 - Production
  • Stage 4 - Live Instruments Recording(if any)
  • Stage 5 - Vocals Recording (In-studio)
  • Stage 6 - Mixing
  • Stage 7 - Mastering


  • Stage 1 - Scripting
  • Stage 2 - Location Setup (Lighting, Costumes, Make-up & Props)
  • Stage 3 - Shoot (Filming Performers)
  • Stage 4 - VFX and Graphics
  • Stage 5 - Editing
  • Stage 6 - Digital Intermediate

People involved


Lyricist, Composer, Music Producer, Instrumentalists (if any), 1-2 Lead Vocalists, 2-4 backing Vocalists, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer


Director, DOP, Editor, 2-3 Runners, 1-2 Performers, Digital Intermediary

Future plans

After the video for Monero, we are looking to create a documentary for Monero. It will cover the entire journey of the project along with the impact it created on the world. We are already making a documentary on the #indiawantscrypto campaign. You can check the trailer from the following link:


We are looking for 20 XMR for the video.


As suggested by the community we will be releasing the community anthem with a Creative Commons license.

Edited by Litesh Gumber

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