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Serve TNABC 2022 in Miami with Monero content

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Sample Tough Wally
Caption, Fig. 1: Wallet appearances, with offset printed packaging
Banner for TNABC
Caption, Fig. 2: Stand branding, for a banner of two table widths
Our area floorplan
Caption, Fig. 3: Gold package floor area with table modifications


This CCS proposal absorbs most of the costs of serving Monero content to four thousand visitors at The North American Bitcoin Conference.


Cryptovangurlie, Sgp, and MSvB.

These people staffed the Cryptocurrency Village at Defcon six months ago.


Monero thrives on the contagious enthusiasm inspired by outreach at events.

All of us have grown experienced at serving Monero and related communities at events. We want to leverage our experience and accept the challenge of serving a totally new group of suit wearing BTC people (see their website) with Monero education.


While negotiating with event management we secured first class real estate, a three table sized stand near the entrance of the conference venue. We are the only group in this first class area, and will be the first message that visitors see while entering.


We are offered this free of charge, because it seems the event managers are interested in fostering Monero enthusiasm. I have no idea what other groups pay for their areas.


A giant line will develop in front of our stand area, with hundreds waiting to receive their free wallet(s). While waiting they will observe a giant banner, designed as shown at the top of this proposal.

Each of our visitors will have the chance to ask questions about Monero, to one of five staff members. A separate passive storage table exists to move longer conversations away from the line of waiting people.


Our giveaway wallets implement cold storage technology without the use of electronic circuits. Nobody has ever succeeded manufacturing wallets with Tyvek 1082D sheet material, so worldwide this will be the first wallet of its kind.

This is the media needed by everyone using a hot wallet to generate a new key which 'asks you to write down the seed.'


The HDPE based 1082D fibres are made by the Dupont company. Printing, cutting, embossing, and folding, and packaging in LDPE sealed bags may be done by multiple subcontractors, as working with Tyvek is challenging to manage at once.

The wallets are produced according to a design partly derived from a public design by The Monera. Stock art is provided by Shutterstock.


Those parts of design under our control is licensed CC-BY-SA-4.


Item USD Description
Accomodation 2100 A 2 bedroom apartment near the venue
Air Travel 900 + 400 One international and one national
Stand Printing 600 Estimated total cost of branded signage
Tyvek Wallets 10000 Estimated total cost of delivery
---- ---- ----
Total 14000 Cost of all materials, services, and travel

We assume a price of 180 USD per XMR currency for a fund total 78 XMR.


The funded amount will be paid in two milestones, once planning concludes and then once the last planned appearance day ends.


Public reports and progress will be published on the Libera #monero-events room.


Some of our engagement is already sponsored by other groups.

  • About $5000 for entrance and admission is paid by Keynote, a cryptofriendly management group.
  • The event management awarded us a $50K Gold package for stand building.
  • 200-300 hours of design and test work was paid by Monero Devices OÜ.
  • Stock artwork was obtained from Opensource collections or paid by staff.

Wallet technology special disclosure


Our purpose is to deliver Monero wallets free of charge, but we are asked to distribute a set of Bitcoin wallets as well. The Bitcoin wallets will not be funded by the Monero community, and is not part of this proposal. It is unknown who will fund the Bitcoin wallets, which cost the same as their Monero equivalents.


All of the costs absorbed by this proposal are due in EUR or USD fiat currency. If the XMR exchange rate falls then we will defund according to need, reducing the amount of wallets distributed free of charge.


If more funds are collected than needed, more wallets will be produced at cost and made available online or at other events free of charge.


If our appearance or the TNABC event is cancelled, the contingency plan is to use the stand branding and product for a similar event such as Bitcoin 2022 in Miami in April 2022. Flights and accommodations would simply be rescheduled.


This proposal expires on 5 January 2022.

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