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Haveno frontend development

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Hello folks, we are happy to finally open this CCS proposal. For those who don't know us and what we are doing, a quick recap:

After founding ourselves unsatisfied with Bisq's lack of Monero support and clunky user experience, we decided to fork Bisq and create our own version based on Monero's multisignature to allow people to trade Monero for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, peer to peer.

One of the main goals of Haveno is to provide users with a smooth experience, by building a platform easy to use for power users, but especially for people that are not tech-savy. To achieve this, we decided to strip the platform of its legacy user interface, which is heavy, slow and not user friendly and build instead a dedicated frontend, separated from the rest of the application. Having two different apps, the core and the GUI, will give us more flexibility and better performances. More info in the FAQ page.

While work on the backend is ongoing, we found ourselves with the need of a dedicated and skilled frontend team for building the user interface. After a scrupulous research, we decided to work with Viabl, a skilled team with decades of frontend development in their portfolio.

How much and for what

Our community has been very generous. Individuals and sponsors provided us with some initial funds, which we used to pay for Haveno's design, infrastructure costs, improvements to Monero and especially to pay for our bounty system. The latter is working particularly well and it's allowing us to involve the community in the development of Haveno and reward developers very generously. Our rates are much higher than market rates. With this system, thousands of dollars have been awarded to community devs. Without their involvement, Haveno wouldn't be possible and we would like to thank them very much.

The funds we have left (which as a result of the current market have lost almost half of their value) will be used in almost their totality to pay for bounties (which consist in half of our total funds) and design, so we are forced to ask the community another, last effort to help us making Haveno real.

The frontend team estimated their rate will be between 154k and 231k USD for 4-6 months of work. For this rate we will get 2 experienced frontend developers and a lead dev dedicated to Haveno. The firm is enthusiast about the job and even agreed to lower their rate for the chance of working on Haveno and for that we want to thank them very much. We will also provide as much assistance as possible to the team, to make sure their working hours are not wasted on trivial matters and to keep costs low.

For safety, we decided to crowdfund the highest end of their estimated rate ($231,000). We understand the amount requested is very high, but we hope the community will see the value of what they will get back in exchange (see next chapter). We also commit to use the funds only for the development of Haveno or Monero (details later on).

What will Haveno give in exchange

Haveno will be a game changer for Monero, but we still want to give back to the community as a thanks for the generosity and trust in the project. That's why we commit to:

  • Continue to sponsor Monero development with bounties and development. Currently, we are already awarding more than 7k USD for Monero-related development and some of the changes are already implemented!
  • Developers that will work full time on Haveno in the future will dedicate some of their working hours to Monero-related FOSS projects.
  • 100% of donations will be used to fund Haveno development or infrastructure.

What about exceeding funds?

If the cost of the development will turn out to be lower, the funds will be used for (in this order):

  1. GDPR analysis of Haveno. This is useful for reliably assessing the legal status of Haveno and tweak the protocol where necessary to avoid legal issues. Estimated cost: 10k EUR
  2. Audit of the trade protocol. Nobody ever based an entire exchange on Monero. We would like to ask security professionals to audit our trade protocol. to make sure there are no bugs or privacy leaks
  3. Audit of Monero multisignature. Haveno's core will be Monero's multisignature implementation. We are already sponsoring ground-breaking changes to Monero's multisignature [1] [2], which would be extremely beneficial to the Monero ecosystem as a whole. We would like to push our contributions even further, by providing the Monero community with a general audit of the safety of Monero's multisignature. This is particularly important now, because multisig is being heavily improved.

If there will be still funds left, they will be donated to CCS proposals, worthy Monero projects (like P2Pool, Randomx and others, according to input from the Monero and Haveno communities) and the Monero general fund. All money movements wil be made public in a way to be decided. Options are: a dedicated page on our website or a markdown document in our github repository.

Milestones and terms

Payments to the Viabl team will be every completed sprint. Every sprint will be a task that will take about 2 weeks to complete. For simplicity, we ask the funds to be sent to us every month for 4 months, with the first reward being sent as soon as our proposal is considered funded. The community will be able to follow the development in the public GitHub repository and on the community channels.

To recap:

1st payment: As soon as the proposal is moved to the "In progress" phase.
2nd payment: 1 month after the first payment
3rd payment: 1 month after the second payment
4th payment: 1 month after the third payment
5th payment: 1 month after the 4th payment. Last payment.

The community will be able to follow progresses on Github and on our matrix/irc chatrooms

We understand this is a very large ccs and there is no guarantee it will be entirely funded, that's why we propose a time limit for funding this proposal: 1 month from when it will be moved to funding required. If within that time frame the ccs won't be fully funded, we will close it and the terms outlined here will be applied to the amount collected up to that point. This means if the ccs won't be fully funded, won't be considered failed, but partly funded. In that case we will explore other ways to gather the remaining needed funds.


  • The operative exchange running Haveno will be for-profit. Meaning the collected fees will go to the operators of the exchange. ErCiccione of the Haveno Core team should be assumed to be the operator of the future exchange, for simplicity.
  • The Haveno core team won't run the operative exchange. That will be done by another entity.

Haveno Core Team

EDIT: added "ErCiccione of the Haveno Core team should be assumed to be the operator of the future exchange, for simplicity."

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