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Minimal, Embeddable, Zero-javascript Shopping cart + Pay Server

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title: Minimal, Embeddable, Zero-javascript Shopping cart + Pay Server
author: anon_
date: March 30, 2022
amount: 20
  - name: All Goals in Milestone 1, Fully functional
    funds: 75% (15 XMR)
    status: unfinished
  - name: All Goals in Milestone 2, Security and Load Testing
    funds: 25% (5 XMR)
    status: unfinished
  - date:
  - date:

[shadowcart] Instant Online Store

Shadowcart aims to make it easy to convert any website into an online store by simply adding an html button to it.


  • It should be as easy as possible for anyone to create their own shop on the internet with little technical knowledge.
  • Current solutions like BTCPay Server are large, complex, difficult to deploy, have too much branding and little customizability

Milestone 1 Goals

  • Simple setup: Single command deployment option without the use of docker or other containerization.
  • Extremely Portable: Copy a single binary file to any linux computer, run it, add TLS with nginx, your store is running.
  • Small, written in golang, and easily deployable on a 512 mb VPS with plenty of headroom.
  • Few dependencies: golang and git are the only two programs required for setup
  • Combines the functionality of a Shopping cart and Pay Server into one program.
  • (Subjective) Simple and beautiful UI that fits the Monero ethos without the use of javascript
  • All required documentation within the web UI and inside a readme
  • Continued bug fixes and likely new features into the future

Milestone 2 Goals

  • Add ability to add item based custom actions or api calls when an order is confirmed
  • Security and load testing

Release schedule

Milestone 1:

  • Within 30 days of funding

Milestone 2:

  • Within 60 days of funding

Expiration Date:

  • 90 days after funding


  • GNU GPLv3

Please leave suggestions in the comments!

Thanks, anon_

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