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Hello guys,

It's savandra, who created animated explainer videos,

here's a link to our channel.

I contacted u/dsmlegend, and he developed an awesome draft of probably anything that should be covered on the topic (though it's a bit business-focused).

Here's a link to the document

I'd like to add, that since then, we improved on the animations a lot and we hope Monero will benefit from it!

Our proposal is to be billed per minute of the animation, which covers:

The price split:

10% script development (price for mngm the community-sourced script):

30% illustrations development

50% animations

5% voice-over actor

5% sound effects

UPD: We changed the price for per minute to per video, so 2 XMR per video would result into $400 per minute roughly. This includes:

It is expected to complete one video a month An expiration date for the proposal: June, 7

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