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Patronero - Open Source project for donating by mining

About me

Hi everyone, this is moneroist. I've been in the community for some time now, and in the meantime, I created the Monero Game which is available on Google Play, and besides, I didn't do anything special except for the occasional comments on Reddit, but I want to do something bigger that would help the Monero network and the community.

How it works

The general rule is simple, the donee uses the Patronero software to install monerod and p2pool on the VPS, in his domain he adds a DNS TXT record with information about himself and p2pool IP address, then gives his donors the domain address. The donors then download the desktop application, enter the domain into the application and they can start supporting the person or institution of their choice.

What the proposal is about.

Patronero is an idea that has been taking shape in my head for a long time, but it was doomed to failure because of the centralization of the mining pools. Now that a tool like p2pool for Monero is available, the problem has been resolved and the Patronero project has been devoid of a fundamental flaw.

Patronero is a project consisting of a website and two desktop applications.


will be a source of information and articles about the project and Monero itself. At the moment, I am the owner of the domain under which the website will be available.

Desktop app for donators

is designed to make the use of mining software (XMRig) as easy as possible by providing such functionalities as:

  • minimizing the program to the taskbar
  • control of dedicated processor resources for mining
  • RandomX mode selection (light or fast)
  • system notification about the mining process as well as temperature and CPU load
  • launching the program at system startup
  • start of mining when the application is started
  • automatic software updates and XMRig (from Github)
  • retrieving p2pool information from the donee's domain (DNS TXT record)
  • other not yet invented ...

Desktop app for donees

will allow to configure the VPS with one click so that it is immediately ready to go. The application provides such functionalities as:

  • automatic download and configuration of monerod, p2pool on VPS
  • monerod, p2pool autostart setting at system startup on VPS
  • cron job with auto-updating monerod, p2pool on VPS
  • displaying the last lines of monerod, p2pool logs in the application
  • monerod, p2pool logs download
  • reinstallation of monerod, p2pool on VPS
  • remove monerod, p2pool and all configurations on VPS
  • other not yet invented ...

Technologies used in this project

I will be using Electron for back-end stuff like DNS querying, run XMRig process, send native notifications and so on. For front-end I will use Godot Engine, Godot is game engine but it has really nice (easy configurable) ready to use UI components, can be exported to HTML and supports JavaScript interface. I have made some simple tests and glue (sends events from electron through context bridge) Electron with exported Godot HTML program with JavaScript interface works like a charm.

Both apps can be build for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Who will complete the proposal?

I will make the project and be its supervisor. I also will supporting newcomers that will want to use software on Githubu issues and email

Why it is important for Monero and the community.

I predict bigger network security by increasing network hashrate and decentralization will increase thanks to the use of p2pool. In addition, information about the Monero project can reach the masses because I assume that many of the donees will be youtubers, influencers and institutions that have a large number of their fans or clients. I realize the Monero community is skeptical about the marketing of the project, but in this case it will be a side effect, not a goal.

Your milestones and projected timeline

I am asking about funds in equivalent 55 XMR


  • Desktop app for donators 20 XMR
  • Desktop app for donees 20 XMR
  • Website with tutorial and articles 15 XMR

I predict that I will need about a month for each milestone. So I think the project would start as early as the end of July. A lot also depends on the dates of the graphic designers for whom I will outsource graphic tasks.

An expiration date for the proposal

I can start work on the project from tomorrow, if only the community deems it a valuable idea, I will not wait until the goal is fulfilled, but I will start working immediately.

Last words

The value of the fund I am asking for also includes the tax that I will have to pay anyway and the cost of graphics.

This is my first request for a fund, so if I didn't explain something or I just did something wrong, please be understanding and let me know in a comment, Cheers!

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