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Interactive Developer Guides

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Create interactive guides for developers in order to streamline the onboarding process. This proposal is not just for the development itself but for the hosting of the interactive environment with JupyterHub. This facilitates coding and learning with ZERO setup.

Currently, I am only able to support monero-python on JupyterHub, but also working to integrate additional kernels (R, Typescript, etc.). Any issues or technical support is also in scope for this proposal.

A first tutorial / proof-of-concept is available at xmr-dev-guides. The project is completely open-source with the current state and syllabus (WIP) available here. Just pick a username and strong password. Next, open hiahatf_shared/tutorial1.ipynb. Code cells can be executed via ctrl+enter


  • Maintain JupyterHub infrastructure and expand as required
  • Bug fixes and new tutorials
  • Have fun!


rimuru, I have been contributing to monero since last year with over 10 commits to monero-project



If funded I will provide monthly updates in the CCS comment section.


Work for 12.5 hours per week over the next 6 months (from May to end of October) at a rate of 50USD / hour. At 250USD / XMR (14 day SMA) this makes 60 XMR.

SMA Reference:!/sma/monero/usd/14

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