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Procure and distribute Monero merchandise at Defcon 30

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This CCS proposal absorbs most the costs of providing a number of Defcon visitors with free of charge Monero branded merchandise.


Cryptovangurlie and MSvB.

These people staffed the Konferenco and Cryptocurrency Village at Defcon last year.


Monero thrives on the contagious enthusiasm inspired by outreach at events.

We have seen what happens when a flood of enthusiastic hackers meets in our areas, and many consider the synergy of information, materials, merchandise, and modding/hacking of the items to be a positive development for our community.


We will copy parts of the DC27 merchandise distribution that were found to be most stimulating, and add new distribution items and activities according to feedback taken from the recent Konferenco distributions.


If the CCS MR325 'msvblab-serve-dc30-2022' and this CCS are funded, then staff will purchase Monero branded merchandise from productive sources (items made by Monero community members) offering the XMR payment method.

Other sources may be added as we learn about them.


Please see the CCS proposal MR325 'msvblab-serve-dc30-2022.'


Item XMR Description
Merchandise purchasing 375 XMR Fashion, books, electronics, and collectibles
---- ---- ----
Total 375 XMR Total procurement cost of Defcon distribution


The funded amount will be paid in one milestone, to allow staff to purchase merchandise in time for distribution in August 2022.


Invoices will be collected, sanitised, and stored for public review in an online document.

Public reports and progress will be published on the Libera #monero-events room or equivalent Signal or Telegram channels.

This distribution will take place at the area assigned to the Cryptocurrency Hackers. This is listed in all Defcon official communications and you can find us in the vendor area near the west docks of Caesars Forum.


We've selected staff according to their ability to produce real items. We create physical products appealing to cryptohackers, and purchases made by staff will likely include items of their own production.


Items will be bought at B2B prices when possible, or B2C prices when necessary.


Products will be bought exclusively with XMR currency from vendors accepting XMR. Any fluctuation will therefore only affect the perceived daily fiat amount as converted.


If we fail to purchase the full amount of items specified, the remaining amount will be returned to the general fund.

Supply and delivery

If purchased items fail to arrive on time (due to supply or delivery flaws) then they will be stored in our warehouse. They will be used in the next Defcon or an earlier event, according to community survey.


As usual, it's our option to cancel the Monero part of this opportunity. Cancellation of this CCS is at the core team's discretion. Cancellation would save us money, so it's a valid option to consider.


Cancellation after funding is very unlikely but we have a plan just in case.

If our appearance or the whole Defcon event is cancelled after this CCS is funded and the merchandise procured, the contingency plan is to store or use the products for similar event such as HCPP Praha in September 2022 or 39C3 in Hamburg.


In this CCS, we may offer answers to questions and attacks less than we usually do. Instead, we are spending the precious hours on developing and producing the engagement.

We recommend reading IRC logs (announcement in May) or viewing the Konferenco presentation (Defcon state of affairs) on Sunday 19 June 2022.


This proposal expires on 5 July 2022.

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