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LeoNero: full-time dev work in July and August


I propose to work for two months (July and August), 40h a week, in the following tasks and areas:

  1. Implemenent get_tx_key should support raw_monero_tx blob as input (
  2. Implement Add generate_blocks addr numblocks [starting_nonce] command to monerod when in regtest mode (
  3. Update InProofV2 to V3 (
  4. Implement UnspentProof, as described in Zero To Monero
  5. For all of the above, update and where applicable
  6. As UkoeHB suggested, figure out a better directory structure for the Seraphis code
  7. Add new RPC methods too
  8. Review pull requests on monero-site, monero, and monero-gui
  9. Implement other issues on monero and monero-gui if there is time
  10. Improve translation to Portuguese (Brazil) if there is time
  11. For any new stuff added above, update documentions at, and if applicable.

I am open to implement anything else the community finds necessary.


My name is Leonardo, I am from Brazil, and I am a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Computer Science and soon to be minoring in Mathematics. During High School, I discovered scientific olympiads and, because of them, I discovered programming when I was 13 years old. Since then, I have always been working on some programming project.

In 2020, I took a gap year from college. During the gap year, I worked at a Brazilian company called Hashdex, which is a crypto asset management. There, I discovered about cryptocurrencies and fell in love with Monero because of its privacy features. I did not know much about cryptocurrencies before, but I was previous drawn to privacy because of the writings and work of Aaron Swartz, Julian Assange, and especially when you see some actions taken by the current and past Brazilian government. I also did not know much about cryptography, so I took two online courses in cryptography during the gap year ( and, and then I took a graduate-level class in Cryptography when I returned to college, and I also took a Number Theory class.

In the professional side, I worked as a Software Engineer at (created by the founders of Brex) when I was 17. Although nowadays I really dislike most of the big techs, before having such feeling I interned at Facebook as part of FBU and I also had another Facebook offer rescinded because of Covid.

I am also a Tech Fellow of Fundacao Estudar, which is a NGO in Brazil created by Jorge Paulo Lemann. The Tech Fellowship selects young Brazilians that are talented in technology.

You can find my LinkedIn at and my Github at I am neromm on Matrix.

Btw, I am reading more about cryptography and number theory in my free time and plan to post answers to some books here soon :)


First, I decided not to apply for any internship this summer because I want to contribute to Monero and learn more about cryptography. So in case this CCS does not pass, I will need to find an internship and will be unable to contribute to Monero, because my University scholarship does not cover everything :(. However, I am open to receive for only one month of work instead of two if needed. Also, I will return to college at the start of September.

Second, since I am going to be a senior in college, I am required to do either a Senior Thesis or a Senior Project during my last year. I don't know yet which one I'll choose, but I want to do something related to Monero :D and so working with Monero this summer will prepare me well I think.

Finally, three weeks ago, I started to read Zero to Monero and, at the same time, I start doing some work (see and However, I've been a bit slow for some personal and health problems (but solved already!) and also because I was trying to figure out a plan B with a friend in case this CCS does not pass.


  • Wage: 45 USD/hr
  • Hours: 8 weeks x 40 hours/week = 320 hours
  • Total pay in USD: 320 hours x 45 USD/hr = $14400 USD
  • Exchange rate: $121.76 USD/XMR. Calculated from one week simple average of closing prices on (copying jeffro256's method)
    • 21 June: $118.80
    • 22 June: $111.18
    • 23 June: $122.70
    • 24 June: $126.47
    • 25 June: $127.48
    • 26 June: $125.32
    • 27 June: $120.39
  • Total pay in XMR: $14400 USD / $121.76 USD/XMR ~= 118.26 XMR

The amounts above are based on previous internships and also on what I've seen my friends receiveing on their internships. I am open to discuss smaller amounts and also open to criticism to any topic in this proposal! :)

Expiration Date 01 September, 2022

Edited by Leonardo Nerone

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