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Monero archive

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title: Archive Monero Github code on a self-host onion instance and sia network
author: monero_archive
date: August 19, 2022
amount: 1.5XMR
  - name: Tor gitea mirror
    funds: 1.3XMR
    status: finished
  - name: Sia network archive
    funds: 0.2XMR
    status: unfinished
  - date:
  - date:
Recently tornado cash is sanctioned and its github repo is deleted. 
Monero code should be mirrored on censorship resistant platforms to avoid being vaporized by a government order.
I plan to setup a gitea hidden mirror to mirror all monero code on github as a backup, 
and regularly pack monero source code and upload them on sia network. 

Sia network is a file storage network that allows you to host large files in a very cheap and decentralized way. 
Unlike IPFS it guarantees your file will always be online. Funds received will be mainly used to maintain the server that host the onion gitea site. 
1.5XMR can sustain around 1 year if the monero price does not drop too much.
Edited by Monero Chan

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