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dangerousfreedom - moneroinflation and more Seraphis development


I would like your help to finish developing by providing parallel implementations in Rust of the core functions in C++, improving the website and help with the development of Seraphis/Jamtis.

What and Why ?

I will try to address the following issues:

  1. I still have to finish writing the appropriate functions to verify the Bulletproofs+ era. More educational material and snippets will be provided. I also will finish scanning the blockchain with my parallel tools that will be written in Rust instead of Python due to performance reasons. These tools will also be useful for other projects like Serai.

  2. Provide more in-depth and high-level content to the discussion about inflation in Monero.

  3. Review the core implementation of Serpahis from Koe by creating some educational material and parallel implementations in Python or Rust whenever necessary for learning and prototyping.

  4. Help developing a wallet for Seraphis. My goal is to be able to create the necessary functions to perform a 'transfer address amount' that would create a transaction in the Seraphis/Jamtis standards by the end of the proposal. I will closely work with koe, rbrunner and jberman to better elaborate the tasks and get feedbacks or follow-ups whenever possible. I believe that in the past 6 months I built my crypto tools and skills related to Monero so I feel prepared to take this task. Right now it seems a bit vague what exactly should be done but I will adapt my tasks in order to achieve this final goal as soon as possible.

  5. Actively participate in the discussions to improve Monero and concretely contribute whenever possible and needed.


  • I created the website where you can find some information to improve your odds of winning a debate about the inflation issue in Monero.
  • I have spotted a fungibility issue (Monero allows the storage of non-canonical points which harms the fungibility of transactions).
  • I have spotted a malleability issue (Monero has wrong signatures - signatures that don't match the data stored in the blockchain according to the canonical standards, which came from a wrong operation of a function when certain conditions are not met).
  • AFAIK I was the first to make an implementation of the core functions of Monero in another language and (try to) scan the whole blockchain with them.

Importance for the community

  • Give some material and orientation for the ones looking to increase their understanding about the Monero blockchain with the focus on the inflation issue.
  • Help develop the software for the next generation of Monero.
  • I believe that parallel implementations of the code are really important to confirm that what we are doing is correct. I want also to keep pushing the idea that we should trust the math and not the code. New implementations of wallets and nodes will appear (it is inevitable) and we should all agree on how we store things on the blockchain so the information stored can be interpreted by any wallet or node correctly, according to the math principles.

I propose to work for 40 EUR per hour, 25h per week, for 18 weeks. Which makes 112 XMR considering 160 EUR/XMR.

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