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escapethe3RA Monero Observer maintenance (Autumn 2022)


I will continue to maintain Monero Observer ( for the next 3 months (autumn 2022): September, October and November.


  • Daily: search, curate, structure and post new reports/stories
  • Daily: update stats, changelog, version control
  • Daily/As Needed: post new MO Community Messages
  • Daily/As Needed: post new MO Resources
  • Daily/As Needed: post new MO Calendar Events
  • Weekly (Monday): publish the MO XMR TA Report
  • Weekly (Saturday): publish the MO Artistic Saturday Top 5 Report
  • Weekly (Sunday): publish the Monero Dev Activity Report
  • Monthly (1st): publish the MO Blitz Report
  • As Needed: housekeeping (revise and update reports)
  • As Needed: outreach (engage with the community on Matrix, Reddit, XMPP, emails)
  • As Needed: make sure the website is live and working as expected (server maintenance, billing, etc)
  • Optional/bonus: publish new Monero and privacy related guides, meeting logs and summaries, add new features, improvements and website sections, start new community initiatives


escapethe3RA, I have started contributing to the Monero ecosystem in August 2021 with Monero Observer and other smaller projects:


I will work for 25 hours per week over 3 months at a rate of 0.1 XMR / hour. At $155 / XMR (21 daily EMA) this makes 30 XMR (0.1 * 100 * 3).

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