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Support for monero in rotki

This is the funding proposal for integrating monero with rotki as per the original request in our repository:

rotki is an opensource and local-first portfolio tracking and accounting tool. A perfect match for privacy conscious monero users.

The proposal intends to offer support for tracking user monero balances, exploring monero transaction history and doing accounting for it in rotki.

The proposal is split in 3 milestones.

  1. Research on monero

Since our team has not worked on monero before we would need to have a developer spend some weeks to figure out how the tech stack works, learn the ins and out of monero development and focus on how the RPC works and how can we get all the required information.

Estimated resources: 1 backend developer for about 3 weeks.

  1. Integrate with monero-wallet-rpc

This is the first/simple approach proposed by Fluffypony here:

Thinking around this (and bounced some thoughts into #monero-dev on Freenode), the Cl Monero wallet software is probably an "easy" first integration target as you can just hit the RPC for a wallet. The downside is that the monero-wallet-rpc software has to be running, and a user would need separate instances for each wallet they have.

Estimated resources: 1 backend developers for 1 month and 1 frontend developer for 1 month

  1. Integrate with monero-lws or openmonero

This is the more complete approach proposed by Fluffypony here:

Long term it may be more useful to build something around the as-yet unmerged lightweight viewkey scanner or OpenMonero where by users can import arbitrary Monero accounts (by mnemonic seed, for eg, if they want to track inputs and outputs, or viewkey only if its a cold wallet and they'll manually track spends). This is a bigger piece of work.

Since then monero-lws has become its own project and seems usable. Exact approach will be determined through the research done in milestone 1 and also through feedback from the community.

Estimated resources: 2 backend developers for 1 month and 1 frontend developer for 2 weeks

The amounts have been calculated with a monero price of the lowest point in the last 3 months ($114) in order to have a buffer and a developer salary of $100k yearly. A 50% margin is put on top like we do for all of our grant applications in order to account for taxes we owe due to the grant and for any unexpected developments.

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