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xmr-btc-swap development and improvement


Improvements and bug fixes to the project xmr-btc-swap. I'm asking for funding for developing new features and bug fixes for the tool. The funding would go for 2.2 month of continuous development for a total of 55 XMR. The work would be divided in 15 hours of development a week at an hourly rate of 58€ at current price of 138€/XMR. Payment should be delivered on the accomplishment of the different milestones.


I'm Leo Escuer (@lescuer97 on github) a privacy enthusiast and all around good guy ;). I heard of the protocol when it was on the early stages of development and I found it fascinating and actually traded on it. When the COMIT team sent out a notice looking for maintainers I took the call so me along with 2 guys (BinaryBaron and delta1). I started making commit and doing bug fixes getting to know the project pretty decently. I have a great interest in Monero and Rust so I would love to keep working in this project and see it mature.


  • important bug fixes:
    1. Timelocks not being detected
    2. errors in deserilization
    3. CLI doesn't refund after Alice locks her Monero
  • New features
    1. Merging the cancel and refund commands: This commands right now are separate and should be combined for a better experience.
    2. Withdraw XMR command for the ASB: right now the only way to withdraw is by connecting to the wallet directly but there should be a way to do it directly from the app.
  • Support development (3 months period)
    1. Attend to issue creation and questions.
    2. Make more and better testing where ever posible.
    3. Miscellaneous dependency updates

Will provide the necessary updates if funded in the CSS comments.

Edited by Leonardo Escuer

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