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Bulletproofs++ Peer Review

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Bulletproofs++ Peer Review

This CCS will provide funding for the first step towards Bulletproofs++ implementation in Monero. (and also the planned Seraphis upgrade). Bulletproofs+ were added in the latest Network Upgrade. They reduce the typical transaction size by ~5-7% and improve typical verification performance by ~5-7%, making every transaction lighter and faster. Bulletproofs++ claims to significantly improve upon this (e.g. ~27% smaller than Bp+).

Scope / Deliverables

A full peer review of the eprint version [link] of the paper. Note that at the time of writing this proposal, the paper is not yet published in a peer-reviewed conference/journal.

The deliverable is a write-up which will include recommendations, notes, weaknesses, and issues (if any) of the BP++ paper touching on:

  • The soundness, completeness, and zero knowledge portions of the paper.
  • Efficiency. Aggregation. Batching. MPC compatibility.
  • Making sure it fits neatly and completely into the place that BP+ currently sits by checking the correctness of proofs.


  • $16,500 + 20% buffer = $19800 gives 130XMR @ 152.30USD
  • Funds are released by Core to a third party and converted.
  • $16,500 will be paid directly to CypherStack.
  • Excess XMR after conversion will be donated to the next Bp++ CCS.
  • Any shortfalls from volatility will be paid by the Monero General Fund.
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