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Create Educational Content in Spanish

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Hi Monero community, Lovera here! this is my third proposal for my work. As you know I am dedicated to create content about Monero in Spanish, in this period I would like to dedicate more time to Monero so I would like to have the support of the community. I want to be as transparent as possible. I am seeking funding from the community to working on Monero related projects all days full time. Im truly thankful for all the support i have received from the community and my sponsor Cakewallet who currently makes it possible to publish 5 videos per month about monero on my main channel.

But if I am going to dedicate myself full time to Monero i will need much more, so the plan is to take the leap full-time again!


All the videos proposed here are a completely separate work from cakewallet's sponsorship. This means that in these videos there will be no advertising to any sponsor of the channel, in fact the monetization will be turned off. However it is not guaranteed that there will not exist ads by YouTube because since 2020 they introduce ads in any video, even if it is not monetized.


I'm Lovera, creator of and YouTube Channels LoveraTV and LoveraXMR I'm a big enthusiast, supporter and contributor of Monero. Since 2019 I am actively sharing educational content about Monero on my social networks. I’m creating educational videos about Monero, writing guides and tutorials in Spanish. I also translate into Spanish everything related to Monero and post it on my website. You can check my Guides and articles here:

And my Videos about Monero

¿What is the proposal about?

  • Create quality educational content for the Spanish-speaking community. The objective is to transmit the benefits, characteristics and importance of Monero for financial privacy, through guides, articles, videos and in general written and audio visual material.
  • These video tutorials will not only help new Spanish-speaking users coming to Monero, but will also raise awareness of the only currency that protects users' privacy by default, yes, you could even call it marketing?
  • I will share all this content in my social networks:
    • LoveraTV YT Channel: 15,000+ suscribers
    • LoveraXMR YT Channel: 500+ suscribers
    • TikTok Channel: 20,000+ suscribers
    • Telegram Channel: 1000+ suscribers

Milestones and projected schedule

  • Create a weekly video about Monero News on LoveraXMR and shorts on LoveraTV
  • Create a weekly video on the most common Q&A about Monero on LoveraXMR and LoveraTV
  • Create at less 2 video per month about Monero Mining and promote the use of P2pool on LoveraXMR and LoveraTV
  • Create at less 3 Video tutorial per month about Monero (Wallets, Node in differents OS, using tools like monero bash, GUPAX when will finished, i2p,, etc) on LoveraTV and LoveraXMR
  • Create a weekly short video About monero News on TikTok and Instagram
  • Create quality educational content by my self for the Spanish-speaking community. The objective is to transmit the benefits, characteristics and importance of Monero for financial privacy, through guides and articles. (at less 1 per month)
  • Review and update all past tutorials
  • promotion of Monerokon 2023 to my audience in my social media (TikTok, LoveraXMR, LoveraTV and Telegram groups)
  • maintance of the site

Why it is important for Monero and the community?

Monero is an incredible project, but there are many false beliefs and ignorance about it in the Spanish-speaking community. By providing more quality content in Spanish, we will be able to raise awareness in the Spanish community about the importance of financial privacy, about the importance and role that Monero plays in our financial activity.

How much and Payouts?

A good work must be paid or rewarded, specially if this contribute to a good cause. payment on first days of every month during 3 months for my upcoming work. The price is fixed in Monero and regardless of market fluctuation (downward or upward) it will not affect the achievement of the milestones. 3.5 XMR per month for 160 hours of work, to be fair usually i spend much more time. In total: 3.5 XMR per moth - 10.5 XMR for three months. Starting from January.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the comments.


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