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Standalone AcceptXMR

Standalone AcceptXMR

Another payment gateway CCS proposal.


I would like to create a standalone, dockerized, AcceptXMR-based payment gateway with wordpress support.

AcceptXMR (demo, docs, repo) is a payment gateway library (or crate, in rust lingo) I wrote as a hobby project and have made available to the community. While my library serves its purpose well, I understand that most merchants are not programmers therefor cannot use AcceptXMR.

This proposal aims to make AcceptXMR usable for anyone capable running a docker container and installing a wordpress plugin.

Why AcceptXMR

Lots of reasons!

  • View pair only, no hot wallet.
  • Subaddress based (as opposed to the older integrated addresses).
  • Pending invoices can be stored persistently, enabling recovery from power loss.
  • Ignores transactions with non-zero timelocks.
  • Zero-conf works out of the box.
  • No local node, wallet RPC, or block explorer needed. Just pick a public remote node.

And of course, I am already intimately familiar with it.

How It'll Happen

I will dedicate a portion of my weekends (you can expect about 10 hours a week on average) to completing the following milestones. There will be some weeks with more progress and others with less, but that's the average I'll be aiming for.

Dockerize AcceptXMR

14 XMR from xmrSale's abandoned funding.

This is the largest milestone. I'll be taking the webserver and frontend work you see in my demo, cleaning it up significantly to bring it up to production standards and dockerizing it for easy setup. I will also provide documentation on how to perform that setup.

Wordpress Plugin

10 XMR from xmrSale's abandoned funding.

Wordpress is popular, and it has a plugin system that supports custom payment gateways. I will write a wordpress plugin for the freshly dockerized AcceptXMR implementation. I will also provide documentation on how to use the plugin.

Maintenance for 1 Year

20 XMR total, with 6 XMR coming from xmrSale's abandoned funding and the remaining 14 XMR coming from this CCS proposal.

Both rust and monero have rapidly changing ecosystems. Left alone, my work would likely be out of date by the end of the year due to breaking changes in my library's dependencies if nothing else. Keeping AcceptXMR up-to-date and functional is something I currently do for free, but building out a full standalone gateway adds overhead. For this reason, I've bookmarked 20 XMR for maintenance for 1 year from the funding date.

I am hesitant to provide target dates for first two milestones above, but I have been maintaining AcceptXMR for over a year now and I don't plan on ghosting on it now.

Stretch Goals / Future work

I'm not promising any of the following happens, but I'm putting it here to let the community know it's on my radar and I want to do it if I get the opportunity:

  • TOR support for the daemon RPC connection.
  • A no-JS frontend. I have an example with this implemented on github, but I'll have to clean it up a bit and integrate it into the new dockerized setup.
  • ZMQ support as a more performant alternative to polling the remote node.


Before I start work on this CCS, I'll need to wrap up changes I'm making with v0.12.0 of AcceptXMR. I'm not charging for that work, I'm just disclosing here that I need to resolve the issues in that milestone before I start work on this CCS.


AcceptXMR is dual-licensed under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses. I am not planning on changing the license. It will always be under a permissive license.

About Me

Busyboredom is not an anonymous alias, you can see my minimally-redacted resume on my personal website

Proposal Expiration: January 1st, 2025.

Note: This CCS was originally intended to be funded entirely by the 30 XMR leftover from the abanoned xmrSale project. At the request of the community, I have extended my maintenance commitment and increased the maintenance budget by 14 XMR. This change allows CCS donors to act as a final check on whether this proposal goes forward.

Edited by Charlie Wilkin

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