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close New Animated Video series future

plowsoff requested to merge (removed):plowsofff-master-patch-58503 into master

As is, merging this PR will move the proposal to completed with 1 payout of 9 XMR. This is just a suggestion (there are many, including doing nothing and allowing the CCS to progress as normal) so lets make this the central point of discussion for gauging community consensus on what the proposers have achieved so far and where we think the project is headed.

Allowing savandra to re-apply for the remaining funds (along with competitors) to complete the same work has also been suggested.

Please share your thoughts. Down-voting this means "continue as normal".

Update from proposer

savandra has effectively withdrawn from the CCS. All of the raw files have graciously been uploaded as requested for video 1. details of which are posted in the public matrix room

consensus for closing and sending 9xmr directly to savandra.

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