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Maintaining flatpak package org.getmonero.Monero


I have been maintaining org.getmonero.Monero on Flathub since July 2021. Now I want to move its manifest to the monero-gui repository. The org.getmonero.Monero github repo which is now used to push files to flathub will be discontinued. The files will be built and pushed directly from the monero-gui repository. Users will then be able to compare the hashes of files on their machines to those from the monero-gui workflow run. We can then give Monero-gui flatpak app a "verified" checkmark. This is an optional step for the community to decide at a later date. Flatpak installs will still remain 3rd-party and users are encouraged to confirm hashes, as they are with any other package repository.

Thanks to this, users will be able to trust this flatpak package more.

Installing and using

The org.getmonero.Monero flatpak package is a good replacement for ordinary packages in GNU/Linux distributions, for example it can be used in Whonix to replace the Debian package.

At first you have to setup flatpak with Flathub repository on your GNU/Linux distribution. After that, run this command:

$ flatpak install flathub org.getmonero.Monero

By default, org.getmonero.Monero has access only to the ~/Monero directory, if you need more, do it:

$ flatpak --user override --filesystem=/path_to_your_directory org.getmonero.Monero

Some people need access to the monerod command:

$ flatpak run --command=monerod org.getmonero.Monero [options|settings] [daemon_command...]

About me

I am BigmenPixel, who maintains Monero GUI on Flathub and some packages in the AUR.

Milestone 1 (3.5XMR)

Move the manifest to the monero-gui repository.

Milestone 2 (6.5XMR)

1 year of maintenance to be paid quarterly @ 1.63XMR after performance review (updates are ready in a timely manner / critical issues solved).

These rates are based off of the previous debian package maintenance proposal.

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