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v1docq47 - monerokon 2022 (part 2) and monerotopia 2023 voiceover and working on


Hi, everyone! v1docq47 is here!

This is our new CCS proposal for a new work period for making Russian voiceovers of Monero Konferenco and Monerotopia video presentations and for the support of XMR.RU web-site

Who I Am?

At the moment I'm the only representative of XMR.RU project and the maintainer of the modest YouTube channel dedicated to Monero ecosystem, "Monero Russian Community".

Since 2017 we've been working on translations and writing various articles and manuals about Monero in Russian.

We also create news / informational / tutorial videos and make Russian voiceovers of the key events happening in Monero Community and ecosystem into Russian.

That is, we are doing localization of Monero project on Russian and creating informational / news videos, speeches and reports from all the Monero events (Monerotopia, Critical Decentralisation Cluster (36c3), Monero Konferenco etc).

Shortlist of my previous Monero localization works

Shortlist of my previous videos / voice over for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel

My other projects


Since our previous CCS proposal didn't cover all Monero Konferenco 2022 presentations (the final part of videos was published on YouTube about 3 months ago), the first thing we are planning to do is to finish the Russian voiceover of the remaining’s video, and by the time the work with Monero Konferenco 2022 will be over, we with all our great pleasure and interest will start to voiceover Monerotopia 2023 presentations.

In addition, we are publishing text transcripts of all the talks both in Russian and English in a separate repository (similar to previous events like Monerotopia 2022, Monero Konferenco 2019, Monero Konferenco 2022, Critical Decentralisation Cluster (36c3)) so that everyone could not only watch, but also read the text versions of the talks.

We also plan as always to cover all key events happening in the Monero Community on a regular basis in our separate news blog.

As always, the whole process and progress will be displayed in our dedicated Trello bord (no worry, the Monerotopia 2023 part of the table will be filled as the translations are published).

P. S. We would like to point out that the new period of the financed work will not begin immediately. I mean not in April. It will begin in May. But this doesn't mean that in April we're going to have a rest. No. We just need to take a little breath and finish some other projects for XMR.RU web-site. It's always suffers the lack of our attention. In particular, we want to update all our tutorials for, rewrite some tutorial videos concerning Monero CLI/GUI wallets, and make a separate short video block about mobile and hardware Monero wallets (all that work in April is not included into our current CCS proposal).

How much and Payouts

14$ per hour, ~30 hours per week or ~120 hours per month (~3-5 hours а day)
30-day average Monero price on Kraken ~155$ (on 22.03.2023)

In total

64.8 XMR for 6 months work
10.8 XMR per month starting from May

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