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Oceanus ERP Software for Small Businesses

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Introduction and Summary

Hello Monero community!

I go by Chuck or CM-IV, and you can usually find me in the /XMR/ General on Matrix chat.

This is my first ever CCS proposal for the funding and implementation of Oceanus Enterprise Resource Planning software, so that small businesses can more easily accept Monero payments and automate the day-to-day goings on. The ERP software is terminal based and will be written in the Rust Programming Language in order to keep both memory safety and run-time speed in mind.

Below are PDFs containing more in-depth information:


Oceanus ERP software is a powerful tool that helps small businesses manage their operations efficiently. It will streamline any internet-centric small business’ workflow - from keeping track of clients and their projects to handling Monero payments via the Moneropay API and including the receiving wallet address on the invoice. This will save business owners and managers time so that they can focus on what they think is important. The software will be designed and made to simplify your workflow, so you can focus on growing your business.

The unique feature of Oceanus ERP software and what separates it from others will be its ability to accept and process Monero payments using either the Moneropay API or the AcceptXMR library (the Moneropay API implementation will be completed first, with an AcceptXMR implementation possible in the future). Monero payments will be initialized via the terminal user interface and the generated sub-address can be added to a PDF invoice that is then given to the client.

I think that Monero is key for businesses that are internet-based going forward, so let me help you!

Funding and Timeline

I will be working on this project part-time, the milestones will be completed along with unit tests in under 2 months (provided funding doesn’t complicate things). I do not care what the dollar value of Monero is, If it drops very low then I will still continue work - provided the XMR is there.

  • Milestone 1: Implement Client Management (12 XMR)

  • Milestone 2: Implement Project Management (12 XMR)

  • Milestone 3: Implement Service Management (12 XMR)

  • Milestone 4: Implement Invoice Management (22 XMR)

  • Milestone 5: Implement Monero Payments (22 XMR)

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