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vtnerd 2023 q3 proposal

Lee Clagett requested to merge (removed):vtnerd-2023-q3 into master

3-Months full-time software development on monero "core" components in 2023 q3.


Work primarily on the monerod, wallet, and monero-lws. Some of the work to be attempted or investigated:

  • Complete p2p Noise encryption (already in-progress)
  • Get new serialization routine merged (work on piecemeal PRs for reviewers sake)
  • Complete work necessary to merge DANE/TLSA in wallet2/epee.
  • Adding trust-on-first-use support to wallet2
  • Add msgpack support to monerod-ZMQ (requires merging of new serialization system)
  • monero-lws work:
    • Optional full chain verification for malicious daemon attack
    • Subaddresses
    • A accept-all-new-accounts mode similar to MyMonero behavior (instead of manually callback)
    • Webhook for new account creation (prevents polling for new accounts)
    • ZMQ pub support for incoming transactions and blocks (notifies of any new transaction or block)
    • Create Github Actions that run unit-tests and provide binaries
    • Provide official LWS docker-image
    • Provide official snap/flatpak/appimge (tbd one or all of those)
    • Provide pre-built binaries
    • (Unlikely) - reproducible builds so community members can verify+sign the binary hashes

More than 3 months listed there, priorities may change as community requests or issues arise.


Lee Clagett (vtnerd). I've had three CCS proposals. The full list of my monero PRs since last CCS. I've also written a msgpack implementation for the new serialization system (in Monero-LWS), an admin REST api to Monero-LWS, as well as webhooks for incoming transactions (including a zero-confirmation for webhooks) (instead of the previously proposed ZMQ-PUB). Unit tests were also finally added to Monero-LWS.


Work on the various tasks outlined above for 40 hours/week over the next 3 months after potential funding. I already use time-tracking software for work; if the hours dip in a given month unexpectedly, the update/milestone will be at the completion of the hours listed above.

The funds were calculated with 55 USD/hour with ~158.13 USD/XMR which is the 14-day exponential moving average on Kraken through 2023/07/02.

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