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Glitter Finance Cross-Chain Privacy Infrastructure with Monero

What the proposal id about: Glitter Finance team is interested in buildiing and integrating its cross-chain infrastructure on Monero privacy network to provide privacy communnication & data transfer for corss-chain movement of asset & data among multiple blockchain networks.

Who will complete this proposal: The Glitter Team David Dobrovitsky (CEO): Before moving into the startup field, David was a CBDO of a major blockchain marketing and development agency. Later David became an early Core Contributor to two DeFi projects that collectively raised 50 million dollars. David single-handedly raised 7.2 million for GlitterFinance (this included a major grant from the Algorand Foundation), and co-created the vision for the Rainbow Network & Luster.

Khalid Hassan (COO): Khalid is an entrepreneur and VC with deep experience in investment banking, equity investment and fundraising, commodity trading,and blockchain investment. Khalid founded a number of successful companies in the fields of agriculture and commodity trading.Becoming interested in blockchain, Khalid became a prolific investor (15+ early stage projects) before joining the Glitter Finance team as a COO.

Andrew Carl (Principal Software Engineer): Andrew is an experienced software engineer with over 12 years in the field. Previous roles and experience cover a gamut of different engineering pursuits from web3, analytics software, gaming, toIndustrial engineering application. Andrew also has management experience running an independent game development studio.

Titus Adenugba (Technical Project Manager): Titus Adenugba is a solutions architect experienced in blockchain product development. He has worked on a multitude of DeFi projects and protocols across various blockchain ecosystems, supervising software development teams. He also has diverse experience ranging from technical architecture & documentation, tokenomics, and technical recruitment and has served as growth strategist for successful blockchain products and led multiple development teams as a senior product manager.

Shubham Agarwal (Business Development Manager): Shubham has been an active contributor across several blockchain networks since 2018. He has helped teams of both startups and established organisations to scale and achieve business goals using both his business and technical expertise. He has developed projects in the Cosmos ecosystem which have a combined tvl of over $5million and is well connected with players like Layerzero, Polygon, Arbitrum, Curve Finance and many more. He is an avid researcher, builder and business developer for our community.

Why it is important for Monero and the community: A cross-chain infrastructure that powers movement and transfer of asset & data across multiple networks with on-chain data privacy. Glitter Cross-chain solution will integrate Monero privacy network infrastructure on top of its cross-chain layer for data & communication privacy, serving as an intermediary to render cross-chain data private before it final destination. This will integration and development will drive more utility for Monero technology across EVM & non-EVM networks.

Your milestones and projected timeline: Milestone: Integrate Monero Privacy Network into the Glitter Backend Service Timeline: November 30, 2023

Milestone: Integrate Monero privacy network with supported chain asset data Timeline: March 30, 2024

Milestone: Integrate and aggregate Monero privacy data on the Glitter explorer Timeline: August 30, 2024

An expiration date for the proposal: September 30,2023

Edited by Titus Adenugba

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