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recanman to take over Monero integrations pt. 3

plowsoff requested to merge (removed):master into master

Merging this will transfer the Monero integrations part 3 proposal to recanman. The original proposal has sat uncompleted since March 2020 here. We now have someone to take over and complete it (with approval of the original proposer himself serhack). The milestones remain the same / no extra funding required. more info here

recanmann has already made a pull request that SerHack has approved. I have no doubt in their ability to complete the rest of the work in a timely manner.

TODO: [x]

  • gain SerHacks and the communities approval [x]
  • discuss terms/logistics with community below: [x]
    • 5 months to show reasonable progress else they lose the contract
    • because this is recanmans first ccs , no extra things* such as maintenance periods will be added as SerHack has been providing that service for years already. this is mainly an opportunity for recanman to prove his proficiency / complete his first CCS proposal.

*the original proposal welcomed other ideas, but allocated no funds. Hopefully recanman performs well and opens the door for future contributions here. If the community wishes to add some must haves after feedback, this can also be discussed.

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