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dangerousfreedom - wallet work

What and Why ?

Make a basic but broad demonstrator of the seraphis_wallet by: opening a wallet, make mock transactions, make transaction proofs, show enotes and balance, close wallet. A lot of work has been done in this direction but they are not yet fully organized. So the goal is to have this basic but organized demonstrator capable of doing that.

I would work on the following tasks (but also on the many side tasks that need to be done to reach these goals):

  • Create basic functions for wallet initialization, program flow and terminal handling.
  • Create the basic components of a seraphis_wallet (basically the wallet needs to load/save the KeyContainer, EnoteStore and TransactionHistory components).
  • Create basic function to fill EnoteStore.
  • Use mock transactions like construct_tx_for_mock_ledger_v1 to create txs.
  • Add entries to TransactionHistory when a transaction creation is attempted.
  • Create terminal functions to show enotes and provide knowledge proofs.
  • Close/save wallet and make sure it loads everything when reopened.

All the efforts will be documented and made public on the seraphis_wallet group. Unit_tests will be provided whenever possible.


I propose to work for 40 USD per hour, 20h per week, for 12 weeks (or until I finish all the tasks), which makes 56 XMR considering 170 USD/XMR.

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