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Core Monero Concepts

Hey all!

Thank you for the amazing reception and feedback on our first ccs-proposal and the Tail Emission video. We've seen a lot of excitement and engagement with over 7,000 accumulated views in just the initial days.

Our vision is to keep diving deeper into Monero's complex and sometimes tricky and misunderstood features, translating them into short, engaging, and most importantly, understandable animated videos. Here's what we suggest to cover in this proposal:

• Random X: Understanding the significance of ASIC resistance

• Nodes: Why every Monero enthusiast should consider running one.

Quality & Timeline:

As we've showcased in our recent work, we promise high-quality output, similar to our Tail Emission video ( ). In this proposal, we are committing to an accelerated timeline and we aim to finalize and release one video per month. Therefore, we aim to wrap up the entire series in just 2 months after the proposal’s approval. However, acknowledging the potential for unforeseen challenges, we request an additional 1 month as a buffer, making the total proposed timeline 3 months. We estimate each video to be approximately 2 minutes in length.

Budget & Collaboration:

Given the scope, we propose 18 XMR per video, a total of 36 XMR for the entire series, broken down across milestones. As with our first video, we will collaborate with Xenu, sharing 5 XMR per video of the funds with him. This collaboration ensures the technical soundness of our scripts and storyboards, guaranteeing that each video is not only engaging but also accurate. As always, we are open to adjustments based on feedback and the evolving requirements of the project.

* At the community meeting on the 14th of October, it was decided that this proposal would absorb the 35 XMR remaining funds from Savandra's proposal

Open Source & Community:

Post-completion, all materials and animations will be open-sourced for the community's further use and reference. We're eager to dive deep and clarify these essential Monero concepts with everyone. Your feedback, suggestions, and enthusiasm drive us, and we're all ears for what you have to say.


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