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[External] Form Nonprofit Assocation for MoneroKon

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title: [External] Form Nonprofit Association for MoneroKon


Monero Konferenco (“MoneroKon”) is an annual meeting of privacy advocates, cypherpunks, scientists, and philosophers and is designed to disseminate scientific and technical results in privacy and financial technologies like censorship-resistant digital cash. It was first held in Denver, Colorado in 2019 and after a hiatus due to COVID-19, the event was rebooted in Lisbon, Portugal. The 2019 event had 73 attendees and 27 speakers and in 2022, there were a total of 160 attendees and 40 speakers, having sold out in less than 6 weeks. MoneroKon 2023 was held 23rd-25th June 2023 at the legendary Paralelní Polis in Prague, Czech Republic, with around 260 attendees and 34 speakers. For the last two events, Digital Renegades ApS (“DR”), an LLC incorporated in Denmark and a director of which is a member of the Monero core team, provided assistance with contracting with venues, suppliers, and processing bank transfers. They also provided a part-time executive assistant to help the organization team with administrative tasks. DR did not cost or charge anything to us for their service, which can be seen as a much appreciated donation to the Monero community.

Now that the conference has grown and we are looking to establish a permanent presence in Prague, it makes sense to incorporate a dedicated Czech nonprofit Association ("Spolek") for MoneroKon. This would enable us to directly coordinate the event with third parties, reduce legal/tax structuring complexity, and process payments in a more efficient manner. midipoet, Siren, and ajs have volunteered to take on the director role of the Association. We will engage with a law firm and accountant to help with the incorporation process and accounting.


  • Tax and accounting on-boarding: 2,100 EUR

  • VAT registration: 1,400 EUR

  • Accounting (10 hrs/mo. * 12 mo., est. on average, could be less or more depending on transaction activity of any given mo.): 4,800 EUR

  • Annual tax submission: 700 EUR

  • Registered business address (Prague-Hostivař 10, registered for 5 years): 440 EUR

  • Legal services: 2,000 EUR

  • Document apostille at embassy (300*3 directors): 900 EUR

  • Domain name renewal ( and for 5 years): 150 EUR

  • Volatility buffer (10%): 1,249 EUR

Total: 13,739 EUR

Exchange rate: 1 XMR =158.822 EUR (Simple MA50 XMR/EUR) = 86.505647832 XMR


We will be using two multisig wallets. One created offline with Monero command line software ("cold wallet") and the other, with RINO hosted non-custodial multisig enterprise service ("hot wallet"). The majority of funds will be stored in the cold wallet and the hot wallet will be used to pay for immediate expenses, which will be "topped up" from the cold wallet when the balance is low. Monerobull, franciscom, hbs, recanman, Siren, and ajs are the designated signers of the multisig wallets. All transactions will need to be pre-approved by majority vote in scheduled planning meetings in Libera.Chat IRC/Matrix #monero-events. To avoid a conflict of interest, a signer can not sign a transaction to themselves if they have an invoice due. Invoice Approvals:

"Hot" Multisig View Key

(restore height: 3014800)

Secret View Key: 7f8ebba47b93bfe0e4a464657576da4c758a0d34e34036cf329819a679d1ec0c

Primary Address: 49iPmcB8JBd69iTQnQvDGoZBDARq3rexES7Wxi8sKtR97QZqcpwL1TiWz5PsCmQttDYp5yG7dGgyZQ73Mvi9oCD5KrxHN3K

Check out the public view-only kanban to keep track of our project planning progress:

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