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Rent ad space on r/CryptoCurrency to promote MoneroKon 2024

Orange Fren requested to merge (removed):rCC_ad_space_for_MoneroKon_2024 into master

I, OrangeFren, am proposing the purchase of 3 days worth of ad space for a banner on r/CryptoCurrency to promote the MoneroKon 2024 conference.

Thanks to very favourable market condition at the time of writing it will only cost 1 XMR / day to rent the space atop the largest crypto subreddit on Reddit. This ad space has the potential of reaching the nearly 7 million subreddit subscribers.

If the funds are donated I will purchase the ad space and donate my time to generate a banner for the event or submit a banner by a professional designer.

This proposal expires 1 week after publication.

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