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Xeagu: Get Xeagu to the Konferenco!

Xeagu requested to merge xeagu/ccs-proposals:xeagu-konferenco into master

WHO Your friendly, neighborhood Xeagu here. I have helped represent Monero at DefCon 26, 35C3, TNABC 2019 and TabConf. I've spread the good word of Monero throughout Brussels and Kiev. I've been done my best to publicly represent Monero across many crypto media channels including Konsensus Network, Monero Coffee Chat - March, Monero Coffee Chat - October, and Bitcoin Uncensored. I've contributed to Mastering Monero and done my best to build a Monero community workgroup.

WHAT The Monero Konferenco in Denver, Colorado is the who's who of Monero conferences and will be a major event for the Monero community. I do not have the funds to attend the Konferenco and will only be able to attend with community support. I am requesting 20 XMR or $1000 to cover expenses.

  • Flight - $300
  • Airbnb - $500
  • GSA M&IE - $150
  • Local Transportation - $150

WHY After previous conferences like DefCon and TabConf, I put together detailed reports on what I saw, who I talked to and what I learned. There is a large amount of information disseminated at these conferences and much of that information is spread outside the speaker halls. If funded, I would put together a similar report, complete with pictures.

EDIT With regards to SuraeNoether's comment (quoted below):

I favor that this proposal is made open pending a small change: the proposal should have a "dead-man switch" where if it is not funded before June 1 (or whatever cutoff date), the proposal should specify where the partial funding should go. This way, folks who want to help pay Xeagu's travel costs are free to do so, folks who don't want to contribute to that can hold onto their moneroj, and if things fall through the moneroj can still be used.

So with that in mind I am adding to this proposal that modification such that if this proposal is not funded before June 1st then the remaining Monerujo be reallocated per the Core team's discretion.

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