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jeffro256 full-time dev 2023Q4

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I plan to work full-time to work towards implementing the Jamtis changes discussed by tevador, myself, and others, here, here, here, and here. In summary, I will work to implement flexible-sized view tags, light wallet privacy protections, the simplified key derivation structure, and auxiliary enote records, all together. I have already began work on this, which you can see on this branch.

I also want to begin work on the new wallet after these Jamtis changes are implemented and reviewed. There are many new wallet types enabled by Jamtis, and much thought is needed to be put into the design so that the code stays easily maintainable and robust. I want to spend a lot of time in the design phase for the wallet so we end up in a better scenario than we are in with wallet2.


I have been contributing to the Monero core repository for over a year with a total of >=69 merged commits thus far. I also began working on the Seraphis migration project, so you can see some of my contributions here and here. Some more notable contributions from this last quarter:

  • I wrote a library that is able to load and store into the wallet2 format without a dependency on wallet2. The way it is written allows for very robust conversion, even for hardware wallets, without the hardware being present. It is much more modular than the current wallet loading/storing code, and thus should be helpful in the Seraphis migration.
  • I found a solution to some of the privacy problems with Jamtis light wallets and opened a PR to fix those issues. I also discussed further changes on the linked Jamtis gist, and will continue to refine Jamtis.
  • I wrote documentation for Monero decoy selection, as well as an easy-to-read, testable, modular Python script.

Previous Proposals:


I propose to work 40 hours/week for 3 months so 480 hours total on-paper, though I usually work more than that. The proposal is broken into 3 milestones, one for each month. I am setting my hourly rate at $44/hr, and at a market price of 150 USD/XMR, that makes for a total of 141 XMR.

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