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Do they know its CCS'mas time again?

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We're back! here is a brief summary of events before we get testing:

  • After the CCS wallet was drained a Vote was held to determine if luigi should continue as an escrow.
  • Feedback obtained from the community determined how the new CCS wallet would be created/used in a secure manner;
    • A new, single-purpose, air-gapped laptop was purchased (bluetooth/wifi disabled).
    • The OS is Debian, and FeatherWallet will be used to sign and transport transaction files (via QR codes)
    • Special thanks to tobtoht of FeatherWallet who worked tirelessly to push out a new version with convenient air-gapped signing capabilities, and every community member who offered feedback on how to best move forward.
  • The exact amount stolen + 21 XMR extra was sent to the General Fund (X / nitter)
  • The machine where the drained wallet resided is being forensically anaylised to determine if it was compromised.
  • Luigi will escrow a temporary wallet until the 31st March 2024.

We must now begin to prepare for a 'post March 31st CCS' and wish everyone a merry RandomX'mas and a happy new year!

Milestone 1

Lets test the new CCS wallet by raising approx ~$12.16 / 0.069XMR to subsidise transaction fees for several hundred consolidations/payouts for the next 3 months.

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