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CCS Coordinator

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Hello, plowsof here, I show up and try to be helpful. My previous proposals happened, i would like to make it happen again, and do more of the same things.


  • Gather consensus for CCS proposals. (feedback from GitLab/IRC/Reddit).
  • Organise bi-weekly meetings to discuss proposals / current events (more if necessary).
  • Provide decisions in 1 month or less (Yes/No to being funded or if something has to be changed with the proposal to satisfy our community).
  • Be impartial when communicating with CCS proposers - everyone gets a fair shake.
  • Checking up on the WIP list to find / fix problems early (e.g. payments overdue or proposers AWOL).
  • Take responsibility for the entire CCS process - It's my fault when 'things go wrong'.
  • Someone who is online for several hours a day / 7 days a week that knows what's going on.
  • Act as a liaison to Core - keep them informed of whats happening / poke them when required / handle their requests.
    • As part of this CCS, you will also be sponsoring my work when quality assurance testing new features/bug fixes each release cycle in the GUI, CLI, and RPC wallets.
    • And contributions.
  • Consultancy before / during / after the idea stage.
  • Secretarial tasks for (requesting payouts upon completion of bounties and such)


20hr/week - 40 eur/hr with XMR at 126EUR (MA20 @ Kraken) gives 20 * 13 * (40/126) = 80.5 but i like 80.07 better so 26.69 XMR/milestone bringing the total requested amount to 80.07XMR. Maximum of 1 milestone can be claimed per month. Price fluctuation after moving to funding will have no effect. Consider this proposal expired in the event of my untimely death / unheard of for >5 months / have not claimed all payouts in 12 months. If expired - all remaining unclaimed funds are to be donated to other CCS proposals.

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