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help ofrnxmr take over the world

ofrnxmr requested to merge ofrnxmr/ccs-proposals:ofrnxmr_allday into master

Welcome ladies and gentleman! I'll be your host this evening. I go by a couple of names.. People call me a lot of things, some of them to my face! But usually, they call me: ofrnxmr.

Historically I have tried to remain selfless, covering my Monero-related expenses out-of-pocket. Over the past couple of years, I've survived almost entirely on donations received via the #monero-support matrix channel.

My proposal may seem a bit out of the ordinary. This can be attributed to the fact that I am ofrnxmr and I'm not ordinary. A standard proposal wouldnt make much sense.

While there are a few items on the list of things I'd like to get done, this proposal is intended to lean towards my work being largely without specific targets. This is a generic proposal, unrelated to any specific commitments such as my work with, example, BasicSwapDEX

Update 1: [April 12, 2024] Addressing Comments - "Drop all described roles":

  • I shall continue to focus and improve upon past actions / roles
  • My intent is to continue as always
    • As such, extracurricular activites not listed here will continue/expand accordingly
  • I am explicitly requesting donations for my existence, and not "payment" for milestones.

Rest assured that none of these changes should be misconstrued to imply that less is on the table now vs the OG wording.


  • 12 Months @ 208 XMR


  • 1 XMR = 1 XMR

Update 2: [April 12, 2024] Addressing Comments - "Split payments":

Payout structure:

  • 100% paid at the time of funding.

Payout schedule:

  • M0 = 100% at time of funding

As per the rules: If funding goal (100%) is not reached, I reserve the right to request pay in (min) 25% chunks once every 4 weeks.

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