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How to mine Monero guide


Hi all,

We'd like to create another video series; this time focused on mining. For those of you who are not familiar with our previous work, I'd like to direct you to our website

How to mine Monero

We're here to pitch our second mini series. The working title for which is 'How to mine Monero'

The mini series/playlist we propose to curate will contain 2 videos, each of varying length and content.

We have generated scripts ahead of this proposal, the first of which is complete and ready for comments and the second in development.

We believe this series will provide a good and relatively in-depth introduction for anyone looking to get into mining.

Video Contents

An introduction to mining

In this first video we take a look at how the Monero protocol works and how RandomX plays an important role. Here we consider topics such as hashrate, difficulty, network security and block rewards.

After this we look at the differences between solo and pool mining with a strong emphasis on P2Pool and its benefits.

Finally we discuss efficiency of mining equipment and profitability.

This will be the longest video of the two and sets an important foundation for most viewers.

Setting up your rig

This video is to be similar in nature to our video for setting up your own node. It will be instructional and will cover installation and running of XMRig and P2Pool.

We do mention Gupax and make recommendations for those who aren't interested in running their own services.

In addition to software guidance, we do also offer brief guidance on hardware choice and undervolting.

Additional comments

Since our last series, we've realised that keeping these videos relevant and up to date can be challenging when faced with the deprecation of services and resources ( being a recent example). We have tried to make this series as free as possible from these problems.


We are proposing 2 milestones, one for each video. However, it's likely that both videos will be completed in parallel.

If these milestones are not reach by the end of July 2024 the raisd money can be sent to the GF. The videos will be completed regardless.

What we are asking for

The amount we're asking for is a product of 0.29 XMR/h and 60 hours of work.

We are also hoping that competent members of the community step forward to help review and comment on our scripts!

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal and peace be with you privacy fans.

~ Moneroguides

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