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v1docq47 - monerotopia 2023 (part 3) and monerokon 2023 (part 2) voiceovers and working on


Hi, everyone!

v1docq47 is here!

This is our next CCS proposal for the new period for voiceover of Monerotopia 2023 and Konferenco 2023 videos into Russian, creating other content for Monero Russian Community Youtube channel and supporting Russian Monero website XMR.RU.

Who I Am?

Since 2017 we've been working on translations, transcriptions, voiceover videos and writing various articles and manuals about Monero in Russian.

We also create news weekly and quarterly / informational / tutorial videos.

Besides we are publishing text translations of all the Monero speeches both in Russian and English in a separate repository (similar to previous events like Monero Konferenco 2022, Critical Decentralisation Cluster (36c3), Monerotopia 2022) so that everyone could not only watch, but also read the text versions of the speeches.

That is, we are doing localization of Monero project on Russian.

Shortlist of my previous Monero localization works

Shortlist of my previous videos / voiceover for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel

My other projects


During the upcoming period we plan to accomplish the following milestones:

As always, the whole process and progress will be displayed in our Trello board.

How much and Payouts

10$ per hour, ~30 hours per week or ~120 hours per month (~3-5 hours а day)

30-day average Monero price on Kraken ~125$ (on 10.05.2024)

In total

120 (hours per month) * 6 (month) * 10 ($ per hour) / 125 (30-day average Monero price) = 7200 / 125 = 57.6 XMR for 6 months work

9.6 XMR per month starting from June

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